Sunday, May 15, 2005 Zulu
Couch potato antenna

I put about 20 feet of wire on the end of a 25ft piece of Radio Shack TV twinlead, which I ran through the wall right where the roofline meets, and from there out to a tree, right at roof level. For the other side of the twin lead, I hooked up some copper wire that I'd previously run around the base of the house. 40 and 30 were good matches with the KX1, while I was sitting on the sofa watching Lassie reruns. I got L=C=0 on 40 and 30, with no balun, so it seems like there might be a bit of ground loss, hi hi, even though I did get some signals. 20 matched with the KXAT1, but was fairly quiet. I did hear 14.070 coming in, so probably 20M was quiet because of the bad propagation forecast and the evening coming on.

On 7.018 or so I heard N8SEX John 579 and he gave me a 559 at first and then a 579. Tom is in Dublin, OH and was running 100W from a Ten Tec Jupiter. Then the band changed and he gave me a report of QSB.

On 30M I heard a CO8 calling CQ but making few QSOs, though I could hear people calling him. I called a few times, but then gave up.

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