Saturday, June 25, 2005 Zulu
QRV Field Day
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Field Day at Palo Verde school. A passing civil engineer helped me raise one end of my 44ft doublet, which I made this morning. The center is a flagpole. Operating 1B, SCV.

I wanted to operate 1B1B like last year, but with the addition of SSB I was causing too much pain to the RX operators and went up to 10 watts. When I talked to N6KR about the SSB mod for the K1, he said something like, "We don't want to offer a 5W SSB rig because we don't want to cause such disappointment."

Looking back, I probably should have gotten my K5OOR HFPacker Amplifier and run 35W on all modes, since those 10W SSB contacts pushed me out of the 1B1B category.

- posted by Leigh @ 20:08 z
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