Thursday, June 09, 2005 Zulu
I took our my KX1 and a 14ft and 24ft wire at lunch and put the short wire on thr ground and the long one in a tree down a hillside at work. There is a clear shot to the north and east. I called CQ on 14.060 but heard nothing. I heard a CQ on 14.007 and listened to a QSO there. When it ended I answered the next, and talked to VE7DEH Ron near Victoria, who was using an Icom 730 and SB201 amp at 400W to a 50ft/leg inverted vee up 40ft. I replied that I was using 3 watts to a 24 foot wire up 5ft, so I was happy with the 439 QSB. Ron was 599 here. Ron is 59 and has been a ham since 1974, and wished me a good lunch.
- posted by Leigh @ 20:19 z
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