Wednesday, July 13, 2005 Zulu
ATV Yagi

Here is my 421.25 MHz 75 ohm receive Yagi for tomorrow's space shuttle launch video from NASA Ames ARC and K6BEN. The article in July 2005 CQ by WA5VJB was very timely.

I started out using a ground stake from construction, but it was a little thicker than called for and a bit dirty. Then I noticed that the yardstick I was using might be good if I glued a couple together, so I went to buy another at lunch, but found some 1-1/16" x 3/8" trim that wouldn't require gluing to I settled on that. I used 1/4" aluminum rod because it is what I could find, and #12 copper wire for the driven element.

The coax will have to wait until tomorrow...probably I have some 75 ohm stuff around. The house TV antenna seems to work for VHF, and the VCR sems to work on the cable channels, so I just ned enough to reach the house drop.

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