Wednesday, July 06, 2005 Zulu
K6ACJ Olivia 100mw
I used an attenuator to get below the 375mw minimum output of my K2. At 375mW PSK63 and Olivia worked about the same, though PSK63 was faster. At 100mW we lost PSK63. From APRPack reports:

Subject: Digi Record 7/6/2005 ending 0524UTC

WA5ZNU and K6ACJ, 100 milliwatts from San Francisco Bay to Huntington Beach, about 410 miles using digital mode Olivia. Over 200 words and two 2-way xmissions completed with wa5znu. S/N = - 6 TO -12 ON 7087Khz.

Bill K6ACJ

- posted by Leigh @ 17:24 z
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