Saturday, August 20, 2005 Zulu
I checked into the Western States QRP net today at 9am, and the washer flooded just as the net ended. W6SIY Keith was NCS and recognized my call from several months back when I last checked in! Keith was just recovering from a leaky shower. Also on were K6RPN Doug, K6MGO, KY6G Stan, NA7M, W6JHQ Tom, then me, then W6GLP Jerry. I got a 599 from W6SIY Keith in Ridgecrest, CA and W6GLP Jerry in Pinon Hills CA from his G5RV up 32ft. W6ISO John in Moorpark, CA checked in at the end and was weak but I copied him on his K1 and Norcal Doublet. I noticed not everybody was QNZ so a couple of weak stations were out of the RX passband of NCS and got called twice, QSK. The net ended and then I heard a shout that our washing machine was leaking and had to QRT! K2, low G5RV, 5W.
- posted by Leigh @ 20:52 z
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