Monday, September 12, 2005 Zulu

We worked on the GlowBug 40. The PC board is done. I've had it a while but not started it. The kit needs some zip cord, a toggle switch, and 4 wood screws to screw to the base. I already had bought the base, Plexiglas, and aluminum cover. I intend to buy *VHT-SP201 black crinkle paint for the aluminum. I suspect it has to be baked, but I don't know, so I may have to use matte black for the base.

I also haven't fashioned the tongue that holds up the switch, but I do have spare aluminum.

Also, I've been corresponding with K3MD who posted on EHam.net that he used a voltage doubler to raise the B+ to 270V. I asked if he upped the value or the power rating of the bleeder resistor, and he said no, but he did change the tuning capacitor to an air-spaced one for his 4W operation.

- posted by Leigh @ 03:11 z
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