Friday, September 09, 2005 Zulu
I heard NB6M Wayne on 7.040 answering someone, but they didn't have a QSO. Later I heard Wayne talking to someone else, but missed my chance because I had gone down to 80m for a while. I also heard W7QQQ who had quite a chirp. I looked him up and I bet he was using something like this rig, hi hi. No QSOs. I found that my KAT100 measures its RF out and the K2 uses that to meet the power setting from the front panel, so even with my K5OOR HFpacker amplifier in place, I can't get more than about 15 watts, becuase the K2 turns the drive down to match its maximum setting. I've asked Elecraft if there is a solution to this closed-loop problem.
- posted by Leigh @ 14:49 z
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