Wednesday, September 07, 2005 Zulu
I finished my KAT100, which I bought because I noticed my Z100 wouldn't match my antenna on 30M, but the K2's internal KAT2 would. I think I fried one of the components in the HFPacker amp TR switch, as I can hear a relay switch even when it's turned off and I transmit through it. I thought the Z100 had found a match. The UI for it is a little too spartan... I wish there were a way to get the K2 to use the internal tuner or the KAT100 without power cycling it without the DB9 connected. The KAT100 is noisier, but it's good to know I can switch the amplifeir on or off at will without having to go through a retune dance.
- posted by Leigh @ 04:00 z
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