Friday, September 23, 2005 Zulu
My SoftRock-40 works! I used a piece of RGB monitor cable with a BNC I already had, since I don't have an appropriate crimp tool for the RG-174 and BNC they gave me, and used Virgil K5OOR's technique of looping a wire around to make a shield refief connection. I ran SDRadio as it is an easy install, and although it came up under WINE, it produced no audio out. On Windows it worked FB. And I was able to copy a couple of CW QSOS on 40m right away, using a piece of speaker cable that runs outside the house as an antenna (no ground). There wss plenty of junk at the center frequency but below that (I swapped IQ in the program) it was OK.
- posted by Leigh @ 01:41 z
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