Tuesday, October 18, 2005 Zulu

On the way to work I used my KX1 and short 20M Hamstick with Alan's Balun and copied the mail. When I parked I heard AA5AE calling CQ on about 14.010. Fred came right back to my 3W and gave me a 559/449 QSB. Fred was running an ICOM 756 Pro 2 to an Ameritron amp putting 500W into a Gap vertical with a lot of radials. Not bad for a 22dB difference in power and probably 10dB more for my antenna. The 756 must have a good RX! Fred was in Las Cruces, NM.

It wasn't as good as N6KR's KX1 QSO with AA5AE with his 4ft Maldol whip, because I was using my 12v NiMH pack and had the roof of the car as a ground plane, but the antenna itself was shorter.

- posted by Leigh @ 16:53 z
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