Saturday, October 15, 2005 Zulu
Pacificon : HF SuperPacker

Virgil K5OOR presented the HF Superpacker and HF Superpacker Pro in collaboration with WA3WDK Andy and WA3LTJ Joathan. From Maryland, and the article will be out in QST next month. Details on the SuperPacker. The HF Superpacker is 100W, and the prototype used the Motorola CCI PA boards and Toshiba 2SC2290 transistors, FARA LPF, and the AA4FB PIC SWR meter. /

The new design is the HF SuperPacker Pro, streamlined for building and operation. It offers an LCD and rotary pushbutton optical interface with automatic relay bandswitching. It has over-drive protection and gain control. It is 5.5"x7"x2.8" and 3lbs, covering 160-10. The copper heat sink is internally mounted and has a computer-controlled fan.

The control software for the HF Superpacker Pro amp is open source. It offers input power, output, reflected, and gain, plus additional operations. Sign up by sending mailto info@hfprojects.com. They are also considering a cost-reduced version with 100W for ~$200 with no computer control.

This is a home construction project, not a kit. See here for HF SuperPacker Pro signup and also for the HFPacker classic 50W sign up.

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