Wednesday, February 22, 2006 Zulu
I have two sound inputs on my Linux box -- a motherboard sound input and a Griffin iMic. The Griffin iMic just works fine, but the built-in sound is picky and sometimes won't start. For example, now it's doing output but no input. I heard a PSK station on 40m on the TR-4C my father gave me, but I couldn't get the mic I had to work with the motherboard card. Then I remembered that I'd been having some trouble with the K2 interface job I did, since I just picked the amplified audio out of the audio gain pot, and and it picks up noise on the low end from the room. So I tuned the PSK signal to about 300Hz and used the K2 speaker as a mic, with the K2 off. It works! Not great, as there is some distortion but it works enough to copy about 80%. I really need to install that fixed audio output board that I bought before I got the K2, from W3FPR. I kind of liked the mechanical installation of the EA3BLQ but as he is sadly an SK the boards are not available.
- posted by Leigh @ 17:34 z
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