Friday, February 10, 2006 Zulu
I went to the Xerox/PARC Emcomm van and used my KX1. I couldn't hear the Peter I DX, just the pileup. The vertical is tuned for the phone band and is quite narrow on 40, but was ok on the high end of 20m CW so I answered WD8AJF, Dan in Ohio at 2329Z, who gave me a 449. I gave him 579. For the sign-off I went to the Kenwood TS-440S, which is a lot noisier but has 100W out. My RST went to 589 but his went down, hihi. Then VE6MAN Al in Edmonton, AB called me at 2345Z and we had a short QSO. Al said it was 37F there, but no snow. We called it quits due to QRN and QSB.
- posted by Leigh @ 00:01 z
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