Sunday, March 26, 2006 Zulu
WA7OSQ, first KX1 80m QSO
I finished my 80m board for the KX1 today. I did it over 3 or 4 days a bit at a time. The first signal I heard on 80m was noted KX1 owner Bill K6ACJ, but I don't think he was on his KX1. He signed before I had a chance to call him. WA7OSQ Art in Pasco, WA (about 630 miles) was my first QSO, on 3719 with my 400' low-loop, and Art gave me a 569 QSB to my ~1.5W out. The loop has a resonance around there, so it didn't really give the KXAT1 a workout at all, and the ATU reported L=C=0. On the 40m CW band though, all I get is SSB tonight, hi hi... All in all, I'm impressed that such a thing was possible and pleased I got it. Time will tell if I can use the 80m with portable antennas, but it certainly works with a big resonant one.
- posted by Leigh @ 07:30 z
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