Friday, April 28, 2006 Zulu

I heard a little activity on 30m but the antenna doesn't work well there, so I went down to 40m and heard W6JL call CQ. Don was in Fallbrook, CA and running a homebrew "phasing" rig with a DDS VFO running at 0dbM on the RX frequency and with amplification at 450W. Needless to say, he had quite a strong signal, and told me about the DDS and the advantages of direct generation with the DDS. He said he drives his amp with a KX1 sometimes. Don gave me a RST:589 and says his RX design is 100 years old, but I think it is quite a bit updated with the Analog Semi 9854 DDS!

After we said 73 he had 2 other stations calling him on 7037.5.

- posted by Leigh @ 22:24 z
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