Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Zulu
I put an audio transformer onto my MacAlly iPod amplified speaker as it never was quite loud enough on the KX1. I tried to find a smaller one that would fit inside the case, but had no luck. Now it's plenty loud! I tuned around on 40m and it was quite QRN-free and so I switched to 80 and heard WB6MLC Ken send a TEST. Ken was using a new software beta on his SDR-1000 and it had a good CW tone. Then K6ACJ Bill joined in and gave me a 559 from Huntington Beach, CA. Bill was 599 with his 100W and vertical. I still have only POWER:2W out from the KX1 with 12v...hmmm.
- posted by Leigh @ 05:59 z
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