Wednesday, July 05, 2006 Zulu
LMB CR 531 box for Slim Gem?
LMB 531Both

I picked this box up at the surplus place. It might not fit but it is very close. It is 3x5.5x1.25. It is slimmer than the existing box and might allow the filter switch to stick out the top.

I calculated the 4dB filter dissipation at R2=0.75W, R3=0.6W, R4=1/4W. I would like to try to use the same resistors for R3 and R4 to avoid reactance issues but maybe that is misguided. I got 2W resistors for R3 and R4 because I couldn't find 1W ones but they don't really fit so I have to go searching again.

- posted by Leigh @ 23:50 z
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