Sunday, September 03, 2006 Zulu
Around 1910Z I turned on the KX1 and hooked it up to my big loop at home. The best match on 20M was 2:1 through the 4:1 balun and 30M was quiet so I listened on 40m and heard K7FD John call CQ on 7.031.72. John was in Seal Rock, OR, and running an IC-756 PRO 2 to a half-wave slower up 50ft. He said it was overcast and cool, and he was having a lazy holiday working on putting a new mobile rig into his Honda Accord. Next step was adding the trunk lip antenna mount. John said he owns a KX1 and his wife Annette N7SG has a K1.
- posted by Leigh @ 19:51 z
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