Sunday, November 19, 2006 Zulu
QRV Amsterdam Sunday

It was a bit colder today and there was some rain, but I had a sked to meet PE1E Peter again at 1200J/1100Z in Museumplein, in Amsterdam. Peter was a bit late due to bicycle trailer trouble on the way, and as his trailier had his K2, HLA-300 amplifier, MFJ tuner, and assorted gel cells large and small, sandwiches, and coffee, it was important!

While waiting for Peter I set up with my KX1 and Buddipole at a park bench a safe distance away from the US embassy and its guard house and vertical antennas. While I was setting up, another ham PA3DMI stopped by and we chatted a bit; the OM told me that 20m was open and that CW was active.

My first contact was IK2RMZ Martin in Barza, Italy at about 1140Z on 14.048. Although he was calling "CQ EU TEST," Martin was happy to ragchew for a few minutes, and we also exchanged FISTS numbers. Martin gave me a 449. He was running 75W to a 2-el Yagi, and wished me a pleasant stay in Holland.

Next I worked RN4WA for "599 30" and sent "599 27" at 1155Z on 14.034.

At this point I was approached by a Finnish national TV crew who were filming a short segment on Amsterdam, and they asked me a few questions, and shot some scenes of me using my KX1 and Buddipole, plus a few shots of the equipment.

As they were walking away, I heard W1MK and got a PA/WA5? out of him and then SRI. And simultaneously, Peter arrived with his newly-repaired trailer full of equipment, so after the busted QSO with W1MK we started to set up Peter's K2 and QRO gear.

While Peter unpacked, I worked YU1AAV Zoki on 14.005 at 1219Z for my last contact on the KX1.

With Peter's K2 and my Buddipole, we worked SSB, starting on 15m and moving down to 17m. We had no QSOs until get hit 20m:

In addition to the Finnish national TV crew, we were also visited by a few curious onlookers:

Peter and I parted ways and hope to meet again, either in person or on the air. And I think he's going to order a Buddipole.

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