Saturday, November 18, 2006 Zulu
QRV Amsterdam

This morning I walked along the canals to Rembrandt's house, which is now a museum, and bought some etchings printed at the museum from first-generation copies of Rembrandt's original copper etching masters. Afterwards, I stopped at the cafe In De Waag for an espresso (which was great) and a salad (which never arrived); disappointed but running out of time, I headed over to Manekinpis for vlammes frites instead.

I had arranged to meet Peter PE1E at Museumplein at 1500J for outdoor operating. I took the tram and met Peter, who was already set up, and waiting for me to arrive with my Buddipole. I brought my KX1 and Peter his K2, but unfortunately I forgot my KX1 key, having left it in the Pelican case I used for travelling. But Peter was well-prepared for SSB, with his K2, an HLA 300W amplifier, a variety of SLA batteries, and an MFJ tuner.

The MFJ tuner was a little balky until we moved the Buddipole further away; later we noticed the DVM on the battery went up to 15V when we keyed down, so it must have been RF feedback.

Peter and I each made a few contacts in the "LZ contest" where our part of the exchange was RST and ITU Zone, which a kindly OM told us was 27. We made a few contacts on 20M SSB with the Buddipole as an L, and then moved to 40M dipole.

We warmed ourselves with coffee and chocolate that Peter had kindly brought, and talked to a few passers-by, including PD3AD, who was looking forward to an upgrade to get HF privileges, having had some experience with multi contesting at his local club.

Just about everybody had trouble with my call PA/WA5ZNU/P except for the last contact, who got it on the first call.

After this point we both got too tired and cold, and agreed to meet again tomorrow at 1200J/1100Z. And I promised to bring my key.

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