Saturday, November 04, 2006 Zulu

QRV here with N5LK and x-WN5UOE in Mississippi. It took most of the day to get the antenna up but we did. We used a 28ft Jackite pole, tennis ball with pennies, and lots of fishing line, string, and antenna rope to get the two ends over the lowest pine tree limbs. The North end is at 30ft and the south end at 25ft, using wire from the Wireman, and the center probably around 22ft, then to 450 ohm window line about 35ft to a homebrew K5OOR balun to the K1.

I worked NI6T in on Los Gatos, CA on 40m and he copied me fine, and he was 599. I then used Skype to listen to my K2 remotely and could hear the K1 signal 579 at home, and about the same for the K2 at 10 watts, controlled remotely by some rig control software I wrote. I even had a brief QSO with N5LK via my remote control software to my K2 and his K.1

Tomorrow we will try to do some DF to find the source of a periodic click-scratch noise that has been repeating every minute or so for months. My father cut all the power to his house and it was still there.

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