Sunday, January 21, 2007 Zulu
August 29, National Toroid Day Special Event

In the book Eyewitness DK Electricity, there's a photo of a page from Michael Faraday's notebook dated August 29, 1831, showing a sketch of his "induction ring apparatus," and a photo of what appears to be the very first transformer, which was a toroid. In fact, this photo graces the frontispiece of the book.

In the drawing, the A winding occupies the left half and the B winding the right half. Faraday wrapped two layers of windings around a 6" soft iron ring, with the windings insulated with calico cloth. He dragged the A wire over a battery and noticed a spike of induced current in the B wire.

Sadly, as Faraday lacked AC, he was unable to much more with the first transformer.

I hereby proclaim August 29 as National Toroid Day, and suggest that FPQRP obtain a special-event callsign for that day. I volunteer to operate the /6.

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