Sunday, January 28, 2007 Zulu
CQ 160 meter contest (K2, 15 watts, 550' loop)

I hooked my 550' loop, which is sagging a bit these days, and set my K2 to 15w for the CQ 160M CW Contest and tried to see how far I could work. I heard VE5UF, VA5DX, N8EA (Michigan), K5GO (Arkansas), W0BH (Kansas) and even an Ohio station too weak to even try call, but they didn't hear me. Here's what I managed, starting at 1806.83 and moving up:

K7TJR OR 599 0402Z 1806.83
KF6T CA 599 0406Z
K7NJ UT 599 0409
K6XT CO 599 0411Z eQSL
K0RF CO 599 0415Z
W7CT UT 599 0417Z eQSL
K6NR CA 599 0429Z 1849.95
K6RB CA 599 0431Z 1855.32
K7NV NV 599 0431Z 1858.30
K7OX WA 599 0436Z

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- posted by Leigh @ 05:06 z
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