Sunday, January 07, 2007 Zulu
I cranked up the SteppIR and F12 mast to about 30' now that the wind has died down, and decided to load up the Drake TR-4C for the first time on it. I put a fan behind it, and loaded it up to about 150W, which seemed to be about as high as it would go. That was about 350mA, so 210W dissipation. The RTTY contest had taken over just about everything but the Extra band, which was hopping with a big pileup for 1A4A, but I heard N3GAD calling CQ on 7027.1. Chris was runing 25W into a dipole up 20ft from High Rollins, New Mexico. Chris recognized my QTH as a Xerox location, and said he also worked for Xerox. QSB set it, and I lost of some of the details about his new rig, but he said he was getting back on the air after a long hiatus. He also told me about his 40/17M 5/8 wave antenna made from pipe, and said his QRZ.com page had a picture.


- posted by Leigh @ 02:38 z
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