Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Zulu
I couldn't sleep so I got up to work some 40m DX. There was a wide interference from 6900 to 7100, maybe over-the-horizon radar and I had to use a very narrow filter. I heard a few weak signals on CW and MFSK but eventually the noise cleared and I heard JA1NUT (blog) Shin, very strong on 7011.22 so I gave him a call with 5W and we had a nice QSO. Shin was running 500 Watts to a 3el Yagi from his QTH in Mohta, Japan. Shin gave me a 589 and said I was peaking at S8. I gave him 599 as he was S9+40. Shin said he was here in Palo Alto a few years ago for some weeks visiting Stanford. Since I didn't want to wake anybody I didn't point the antenna West, which is as close as I can get to Japan right now anyway, so it was a bit off, but as it's a dipole on 40m it has a somewhat broad pattern.

- posted by Leigh @ 14:32 z
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