Sunday, March 18, 2007 Zulu

I left my K2 in the bag from AmTech day yesterday and got out my FT-817 to hook to the SteppIR and set it for 5W. There wasn't anything I could hear on 6M so I QSY'd down to 20m for a bit; the phone bands were filled with contests, but I heard W5PPD Eli in Tulsa, OK on 14.037.40. We had a nice chat through the QSB until QRM set in. Eli gave me a 559 and I sent 579 for his 100w ICOM 756 Pro to a Hustler Vertical.

We talked a little about cameras, as Eli is in the photography business, and while he had some Graflex cameras a long time ago, he now collects Leica Rangefinders, but uses mostly digital.


- posted by Leigh @ 19:56 z
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