Saturday, April 21, 2007 Zulu
I built a new PSK-20 for my father N5LK as I couldn't figure out what was causing the VOX oscillation in the old one. It appears to have been a couple of problems, one of them being a broken resistor on the base of the final PA, and the other a MOSFet in the Mic mute that kept going bad (perhaps related). I jumpered over the FET and it seems to work fine. Nevertheless, I'm going to go send him the new one. I tested it out today on 20m 14.072 with my SteppIR at 35ft and answered W5ZHI Dick in Albuquerque, NM. Dick was running about 50W, from his IC-746 Pro at 5W to a small amplifier, which he says gives him good linearity (30dB or so). He did have quite a nice signal. Originally, he reported me as weak but then I noticed I was beaming West instead of East! We had a nice long chat about his ham radio repair work that he does in retirement, and about reminiscences from time in the Bay Area, when he met Prof. F. E. Terman.


- posted by Leigh @ 20:00 z
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