Thursday, June 21, 2007 Zulu

I had a bit of time tonight and 20M was still open so I answered VK4GP Donald on Bribie Island near Brisbane, Australia. Donald reported 589 with consistent good print to my 7W from the K2 to the SteppIR now correctly pointed at Australia (245-35=210). Donald was running 40W to a Force-12 beam from an FT-847.

Donald reported that he recently traveled to China, and has done ham house swaps in British Columbia, New Zealand, and the UK. He was just putting the finishing touches on his PSK Meter, but didn't have any need for the Linux software for it, as he's still experimenting with Linux and using Windows mostly on his 5 computers. Donald was aboard ship in Tokyo Harbor in 1945 for the signing of the peace treaty, and at 84 is retired from a career in government service and RF.


- posted by Leigh @ 06:40 z
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