Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Zulu
I listened on 20m and heard KH6S in Hawaii, on the Big Island, talking about hurricane Flossie preparations. I hope he's alright there and that the storm misses the island. 20m was extremely quiet (no QRN) and had nothing much else so I went down to 30m where it was quiet as well and I immediately heard zl4pw on 10.108.50 and I got the chance to use the K2 DSP, which I find watery if signals are strong and not very useful in heavy noise. Tonight, it was just great, and I used a 700Hz IF filter and a 200Hz DSP filter and it made copying easy. We had a quick CW QSO as Paul found my copy difficult due to QSB even with 35W. He gave me a 449} from and I sent 539}. At the very end I thought he said "RIG TONITE?" but he must have said something else...


- posted by Leigh @ 05:22 z
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