Saturday, February 23, 2008 Zulu

I set up my K3 in my car parked at the Stanford campus and used the BatterySpace LiFePO4 battery and the MH2 microphone to a 20m Hamstick and heard KH7XS Bill on 14.211.5. Bill was running 1200w with his 200ft tower up 800ft above the Pacific on the the eastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. Bill had recently moved from Florida where he had 4 towers 200ft and is just now getting his Hawaiian superstation up. He has up k3 on order and had a few questions about mine, and I told him the NB was working FB for some noise I was hearing on the campus. He gave me true 5x9, s9 on the meter} for my 100W and I sent 5x9.

There was no sign of RF feedback with teh MH2, and even though the supply voltage dipped to 9.9v when I pushed the rig to 100W, I got no bad audio report, so my experience with VP6DX the other day must have been due to the lack of shielding or bypassing in the cheap headset I was using.


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