Sunday, March 23, 2008 Zulu
After I packed up my K3 for the ZF2NU DXPedition, I finished installing software on an Ubuntu Thinkpad. I tried PG4I's XDX cluster client, and saw that NH6JC/M was still calling CQ on 10.108. I'd heard him earlier so decided to give another listen with the K2 and 40m OCF doublet about 15' off the ground. Mitch came back right away with 569 and I returned 579 with some QSB. Mitch was using a IC-7000 to a Hustler antenna on his car parked near the water. The QSB got a bit worse and we called it quits, but the band was quiet and Mitch's rig did a find job picking up my 5W.


- posted by Leigh @ 06:33 z
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