Thursday, October 09, 2008 Zulu
We hiked to the Almaden Quicksilver Mine County Park and I brought my KX1 and Buddipole parts. I forgot the DC barrel connector for my LiPo battery pack and forgot a pole for the Buddipole, so I had to use 1.5W to a wire in a tree. K0MLF/7 Don near Zion, Utah and I had a nice CW QSO on 7.035. Don said he knows the San Jose area, and that it was 90F where he was. I took a picture of my KX1 as I was packing it up; I didn't use it with the ground radial coiled up... I'm hoping to get the new shock-corded mast from the Buddipole folks of they have them at Pacificon.

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