Monday, November 10, 2008 Zulu
Android G1 APRS Map
I was going to write an APRS map app, but it seems almost trivial. I read this about the iPhone and the same thing works:
  1. Enter the android Maps app
  2. Press the search button (magnifying glass)
  3. Paste in the following URL: http://aprs.fi/aprsupdate.kml?call=wa5znu-11
It doesn't do tracks, but it shows the current location. The regular aprs.fi site Google Map works to show tracks, but it's a little fussy to operate the scroll and zoom controls.
- posted by Leigh @ 04:43 z
Greetings. Is this an android app or an iphone app?


Jason n1iic
It's just the default behavior of the Google Maps app in Android. When the browser receives a KML file, it asks you what (registered) app to use to open it. Google Maps is one. You can also use some of the Geocaching apps and they'll give you a compass bearing and distance.
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