Sunday, May 03, 2009 Zulu
Radio Shack SA-10 Audio Amplifier
I have a Radio Shack SA-10 Audio Amplifier which I use with my Squeezebox. It's surprisingly hard to find a good, inexpensive small audio amplifier with RCA inputs these days; most of the industry now makes amplifiers with proprietary Apple connectors.

This SA-10 has always had an intermittent buzz to it, and a low-level hum. I took it apart and didn't see any obviously blown capacitors, so I did a search and found a quick review article on the Realistic SA-10 Audio Amplifier by Joe Roberts. Joe points out that C108 is perhaps under-rated for its job, so I replaced it with a 50V one I had on hand. We'll see if that takes care of the intermittent buzz.

The power cord is a two-line one that goes directly to a transformer. The hum went away when I grounded the case, so I fashioned a third-wire for it and am now enjoying a bit of the old Ludwig van.


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