Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Zulu
SP2FAP/FF (World Flora-Faura Greendays)
I heard SP2FAP calling CQ as SP2FAP/FF on 14.040. The suffix seems to be related to "World Flora-Fauna GreenDays" and since SP2FAP was sending "SPF-025" I think that means he's in Park Krajobrazowy Wysoczyzny ElblÄ…skiej which seems to be quite a pretty picture. I was running 5W to the SteppIR from my K3. OM was 599 with some flutter, but had no trouble hearing me when I timed the pile-up right, and I got a 599 and a FB QRP, as I said I was QRP after he answered. (There wasn't much of a pile-up and it seemed like a fun event.)


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