Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Zulu
Ham Radio Technician Test in XML and XForms
With the release of the new Technician (Element 2) test data from NCVEC, I've produced an XML version of the test data (with schema). It doesn't yet include the figures. I also created an a XForms page (works in most browsers) that will let you view the questions and answers.
- posted by Leigh @ 23:58 z
Nice example of the use of Xforms. The problemis interesting to me both as a yachtsman (Marine Band only at present) and as a teacher of XML technologies.

I took the liberty of borrowing your data to demonstrate an approach to this using XQuery and XSLT. I wrote it up here


If you are interested. I make some changes to the XML to remove some redundancy and add ids to the subelements,groups and questions - this may be useful to you.

I'm impressed with you conversion of the original document to XML - I wonder what tools you use?

Looking at the references with the questions, I wonder if it would be possible to link to the relevent pages to augment the test.


Chris Wallace
Thanks, Chris! I've taken your data and updated my tests, plus given a little background in a new post. I found a schema validation error in your updates, and fixed it. Let's work on this some more and see where we can go.

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