Saturday, March 26, 2005 Zulu
NH7RX on Oahu

Photo 670Photo 669
NH7RX Q5 18.160 Solid Copy Sonny said no S Meter indication but solid copy. K2 at 10W into Pac-12 vertical at Los Osos, CA

Looks like I worked Sonny before!

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Photo 668Photo 667Photo 666
On 30m 10.121.23 with AA7FV Darrel in Tucson from my K2 at 10W CW to Pac-12. Clark WA3JPG was using 2.5W from his FT-817 to an RG/174-fed 40m dipole inverted vee about 25ft up in the center, and his signal wasn't as good, but the power was 6dB down from mine and the coax-fed off-band antenna wasn't a help. Clarke made plenty of good 40M contacts, including fone!
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W7ARR Bob gave us S5 with Q5 copy on 7268.50. Elecraft K2 10W into Pac-12 at Los Osos, CA.
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With WA3JPG at Los Osos, CA
WA3JPGMoro Rock
Moro Bay with Clark WA3JPG. Clark are at Sweet Springs, Los Osos, Ca, on Estero Bay, looking at Moro Rock. Clark is the faculty advisor for the CalPoly ham club and the Linux users group.
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Driving down 101 at Tully Rd I worked AA5Z Paul who gave me a 569 kn 20m @0415J. I think I squeezed my 20m toroid too tightly as 20m sounded dead and 40m was great. Paul was workin the current/former IBM employee's QSO party.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005 Zulu
Photo 661Photo 660Photo 659
Elecraft T1 arrived.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 Zulu
Nice QSO with W7QQ in Washington, with his 80M delta loop up 60 ft! He has two K2's and gave me some advice on putting up a delta loop sounds like a good antenna for the low bands.. had to QRT for bedtime.
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I heard WH7QQ on Molokai, Hawaii call CQ on 7071 and answered him. Paul is just getting onto PSK and we had a medium-length QSO. He has a 40M antenna, I think a loop, and used to live in Orange County, and was at Stanford Hospital in Biomed before leaving for Hawaii. Paul said I ought to take the ferry to Molokai next time I'm in Hawaii...maybe I can operate HFPack from there. No QSL says Paul's QRZ entry, so I won't.
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Monday, March 21, 2005 Zulu
I checked into the 7.045 ECN at 0305 or so after Kevin KD5ONS called for QNI after a QSO there ended. Kevin is building a Z Match tuner.
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Elecraft BL1 4:1 Balun
BL1Photo 652
Elecraft BL1 I built. I put Radio Shack #274-662 binding posts on it. I haven't tested it yet. I guess I overtinned the wires as I had to solder-braid clean them and it was hard to get them in.
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I heard N2NW calling CQ on 20M and answered him with the K2 and K5OOR amp at 30W. Bill gave me a 579 and was in Owego, NY. His call and QTH sounded familiar, but Bill said he'd been off the air for a while due to lightning damage, and was using an FT-1000 at 50W. The band changed at sunset and I lost him after that.
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K1EV Elecraft Net
I checked into the ECN on 14.050 at 0045 or so. K1EV Bill copied me and gave me a 53N. I heard Tomm N0SS repeat my checkin information and afterwards a station in Alaska was making QSOS. I built a 4:1 Elecraft BL1 while doing this.
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Saturday, March 19, 2005 Zulu
N4ZZ Antenna Testing
I heard N4ZZ in a contest on 14.254 calling "CQ anyone anywhere" in the Russian DX contest. I called him on my 15m dipole at 9ft at 5W, 10W, and 35W and got nothing. I switched to the G5RV at 30ft and got him first time at 10W.. I told him 10W and he said "wow".
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Thursday, March 17, 2005 Zulu
EI9JF on St. Patrick's day
I heard EI9JF Nick in County Kildare, near Dublin, Ireland, with his beam and 60ft tower 5x9 on 21.317 ragchewing about local repeaters and wishing some North American DX would appear! He gave me a 5x5 to 5x6 with QSB and no QRN (quiet band) on my 10ft high 15M dipole.
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Back on PSK31, on 40M I worked HR1AGC on 7071.14. Agresio is in Tegucigalpa, Honduras EK64kb and will QSL direct. I was running 3W from my K2 into my K5OOR amplifier for 30-35W out into the G5RV antenna. My RST was 449, his was 579. QSO end 2005/03/17 0633Z
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Monday, March 14, 2005 Zulu
KX1 Bag
PackFrontMiddleMiddle ContentsClock in sideBackBack InsideMobile bagMobile Kit

This is the current contents of my KX1 bag.

The last 2 photos show an optional bag that contains an external amplified speaker and WB6ZQZ step-down balun for mobile use, and associated cables.

The batteries are 2500mAH NIMH in a 10-cell holder from mouser.

Not shown is the Pac-12, Cabelas 14ft pole, or SD-20 pole that I use when trees aren't convenient.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005 Zulu
K5OOR 1:1 Balun

I put up a 15m dipole low in the back yard and it picks up a lot of noise, but more signals than my G5RV, which is rather quiet on 15m. I used ladder line and a balun just outside the shack, but the Z was around 200 ohms. It turned out to be a 4:1 balun. So I built a 1:1 out of Kits and Parts binocular core suggested by K5OOR. I used 3 turns primary and 3 secondary, of #20 or so Teflon/Silver from SurplusSales.com, which was all that would fit. I put it in a Radio Shack project box with Radio Shack bananna jacks. I used the Unibit to make the hole for the RS BNC connector. The ground lug broke off, like it always does.

Initially I miswired it. The balun works fine now that I followed Virgil's directions!

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Saturday, March 12, 2005 Zulu
I worked W0RW/PM Paul on the EQP Elecraft QSO Party. Paul has KX1 #292 and was 559. He gave me 579 on my K2.
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Balun and Dummy LoadDL1DL1 Done
My Elecraft BL1 and Dl1 balun and dummy load arrived.
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Friday, March 11, 2005 Zulu
K6ERO and S9SS
Today at lunch we operated from the PARC Emergency Communications Truck and heard K6ERO faintly, operating pedestrian mobile from Arkansas. Charles S9SS was 59+ from Sao Tome, a Principality off the coast of West Africa. We couldn't break the pile-up, even with 100W to the Cushcraft vertical mounted on the truck.
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Photo 622
K1EL Keyer, for my TR4C.
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Saturday, March 05, 2005 Zulu
I built one of Alan's Baluns, but got tired of toting it from the car to the field, si I bought a 2-pack. So far I built one of them. My original is the top one and the new one (as yet untested) is the one on bottom.
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Photo 602
Wayne N6KR snowing the T1 at PAARA.
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Friday, March 04, 2005 Zulu
From Mathworks:
Designing Control Schemes for a Next-Generation Washing Machine
Whirlpool® Duet HT® washing machineWhirlpool Corporation is replacing a paper-driven design process with Model-Based Design to develop advanced control algorithms for the Whirlpool® Duet HT® washing machine. Using this approach, Whirlpool models the behavior of a washing machine with MATLAB and Simulink, then designs control schemes for different wash sequences and set combinations. Hardware interconnections are specified using target-specific I/O blocks in the model. Once the control schemes are tested through simulation, the engineers use Real-Time Workshop to generate the control code, which they download to an xPC TargetBox connected to the washing machine\u2019s motor, to verify the controller performance with the production equipment.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005 Zulu
Row 1, left to right
1. Crystal Unit 110A 1230.625 KC Federal Radio Tel. & Radio Corp.
2. Ditto 1230.625KC
3. Navy Type CHF-40130 CMW 13747 Model TCS Series Rec 3155 KC / Xtal 
Freq 1805 KC / 3CY/MC/Degree C
   3 pins, possibly heated

Row 2
1. Motorola Type 801 Conthermal Crystal Unit 9057.05 KC (4 pins)
2. Crystal Unit 110A 1230.625 KC Federal Radio Tel. & Radio Corp.
3. PR Quartz Crystal 6583.333 KC Petersen Radio Co
4. Bliley Crystal Type MC75 1515.625KC
5. Motorola Type 801 Conthermal Crystal Unit 9057.05 KC (4 pins)

Row 3
1. Channel 46 24.6MC
2. Signal Corps US army Crystal Unit DC-II-A / Bendix 8155.714 KC
3. US Crystals FT-171-B 3035KC

Row 4
1. Premier Crystal Laboratories US Army Signal Corps FT-171B 2390.0 BC-610
2. Crystal Unit 110A 1230.625 KC Federal Radio Tel. & Radio Cor

Row 5
1. General Electric 4098.33 KC
2. Freq 8450 KC
3. CW Mfg Co 2668.10 KC Type R66
4. GE 36458.75 KC TypeG64B (HC/49 size)
5. 7700KC
6. 6369.582 KC (HC/49 Size)
7. 3304.5 KC (HC/49 Size)

Row 6
1. Channel 46 24.6MC

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