Monday, May 23, 2005 Zulu
I heard NH6I workign a small pileup on 14.259, which seemed rare this late at at night. 14.070 was dead and I heard one QSO on 14.059 but otherwise nothing, then I tuned up to the phone band. Norm was probably using his 3el SteppIR that his web page mentions. Norm gave me a 5x7 and got me on the first call, with 13w to the K2.
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Saturday, May 21, 2005 Zulu
I heard N7YXA Brett in Logan, UT 10106.7 339 on the k1 I am testing, from Terman school. Antenna was a Cabelas pole, twinlead, and one 40m and one 30m arm. The 40m arm was too long to fit...
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I was testing out the MFJ-564 iambic paddle, just having put a connector on the back (RS 274-274) and heard N6MZU calling CQ on 40 meters. Angel lives in Los Angeles, and was running his Kenwood to a 5el beam up 50ft. He gave me a 579, and he was easily 599. It has been hot in LA today, 80's, but cooled down to the 60's. He gave a good report on the K1.

I notice a bit of thumping on the AGC so I think I will try the upgrade kit and also probably change the C31 to 1uF or less.

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Friday, May 20, 2005 Zulu
PARC Van W7ARR Noontime Net
Kenwood TS440
We got the new power supply in on the PARC EmComm van and tested it on the 7268.50 Noontime Net with Bob W7ARR. Bob said we were S8 or S9 and that it was better without the speech processor. So the hum is gone.
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I hooked up the K1 I am testing and set it for 7W. I heared AB7LK call CQ and answered. Gary is in Castle Rock, WA and was running a Kenwood TS680 at 100 watts. He said the K1 signal was FB. After we had a nice QSO, Gary had to QRT because his wife brought him ice cream!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 Zulu
This ought to be indexed in Technorati now ( )
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I put my Cabelas pole into the Rakgear backpack I got on sale from Geek.com for $15, and poked it out the headphone port, and wrapped 16ft of Teflon-coated silver-plated wire around it, and tied a loop to the backpack handle. Then I attached 14ft of trailing wire to the ground side of the binding post, and put the 10 AA's on the back of the KX1.

20m sounded dead, but probably from lack of activity as much as the geomagnetic conditions. I could get L=0 C=0 on it, but I supect ground loss was a big part of that, as when I got off concrete and onto dirt it went up to L=6 and 1.5:1.

I switched to 40M and got 3:1, but it was too hard to get the longer wire out of the backpack (poor planning) so I just tried it anyway. I heard W6HVR on about 7.045, 599, talking to a VA7, whom I could barely copy. I called twice after their QSO ended, and Gene answered me. He was in Oregon, and said he could copy. He had to go open the door (I think for the cat) in the middle of the QSO, and then after a while said his arthritis was acting up, and we said 73. He said my KX1 was doing a fine job.

I looked up Gene and he's a member of the Old Old Timer's Club, of people who were hams or other radio operators more than 40 years ago. The group started in 1947, when the bar date was 1907! I'll be eligible myself in a few years (got my novice at 7)...I think it's the first organization I've seen whose web site boasts a link to Members that have NOT been reported dead.

Along the way, an anthropologist stopped and took a picture of me...I will post it later if she sends it along. Update

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Sunday, May 15, 2005 Zulu
Couch potato antenna

I put about 20 feet of wire on the end of a 25ft piece of Radio Shack TV twinlead, which I ran through the wall right where the roofline meets, and from there out to a tree, right at roof level. For the other side of the twin lead, I hooked up some copper wire that I'd previously run around the base of the house. 40 and 30 were good matches with the KX1, while I was sitting on the sofa watching Lassie reruns. I got L=C=0 on 40 and 30, with no balun, so it seems like there might be a bit of ground loss, hi hi, even though I did get some signals. 20 matched with the KXAT1, but was fairly quiet. I did hear 14.070 coming in, so probably 20M was quiet because of the bad propagation forecast and the evening coming on.

On 7.018 or so I heard N8SEX John 579 and he gave me a 559 at first and then a 579. Tom is in Dublin, OH and was running 100W from a Ten Tec Jupiter. Then the band changed and he gave me a report of QSB.

On 30M I heard a CO8 calling CQ but making few QSOs, though I could hear people calling him. I called a few times, but then gave up.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Zulu
I heard IV3TMT in Italy on 14.071 and he got WA5Z? but that was all, even with my K5OOR amplifier.
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Monday, May 09, 2005 Zulu
Photo 869Photo 868
This was my LAITF location. I made two contacts, NT7Q Randy Pill Bug and AD6GI Chuck Blue jay. I saw a Mayfly. I heard Paul W0RW but didn't get to work him.
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Sunday, May 08, 2005 Zulu
I heard KW6J Brian on 5371.50 and gave him a call, after he couldn't quite hear a mobile station. Brian was running a TS940S to a vertical, full-sized ground-mounted, and was S9+10 here. We were joined by KG6FIV Hal and KC6KYO Phil, who was running 10W on an indoor antenna in Santa Monica, and was about Q3 here. Then N6TZ Craig running Yaesu and a 55ft wire. I was using my K2 at 10W and the G5RV running North-South.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 Zulu
Mercury News article about ham towers
Mercury news
Mercury News has an article about taking down ham radio towers in Silicon Valey.
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Monday, May 02, 2005 Zulu
I got a 229 out of Paul W0RW.
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Photo 858Photo 860Photo 859
I heard KQ6XA/M Bonnie call CQ HFPack on 14.059 and we had a short QSO. My KX1 said 3.9uH L with the 24ft wire and a 16ft radial loosely coupled to the fence railing. It always says that. I tried the Maldol whip with the extension and it was 0.02uF and L=0 so thr tuner is not broken. I need to go figure out if this is normal.
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Subaru Outback Ground Strap
Photo 856Strap
I added a ground strap to my subaru outback.
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Sunday, May 01, 2005 Zulu
Keyer for Drake TR-4C
Photo 853
The K1EL K12 keyer and Jackson Harbor Keyall is done. I drilled the holes with the Unibit and managed to fit it all in a 8cm x 5cm box from Radio Shack. I put a 1/4" headphone jack on it for keying my Drake TR-4C.
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