Sunday, January 22, 2006 Zulu
W5FO NAME:Lynn QRG14.264 QTH:Texas in NAQP running 5W into a ANT:{short hamstick: mobile.
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K0RH Name:Jim QTH:Kansas 14.247. Jim said I was 5x9 with my 2.5W.
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I worked AL9A NAME:Gary in QTH:Alaska in the NAQP Contest on 14.235.11 from the car with my FT-817 with 5W into a ANT:{short hamstick].
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W5NL NAME:Dave in QTH:California on 14.240 with FT-817 at POWER:2.5W into a short hamstick mobile in NAQP.
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Monday, January 16, 2006 Zulu
FPQRP Run for the Bacon QRP Contest:
WN6K 40m 0302Z 579 5W
W0NTA 80m 0317Z 339 812
KT2Q 80m 0349Z 559 966
W0NTA 40m 0354Z 339 812
K6DBG 40m 0358Z 599 1244

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Sunday, January 15, 2006 Zulu
I just worked W1ESE on 7030 in the NA contest. Scotty AZ. I was QRP using my K2 at 5W into the 400' loop.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006 Zulu
I had a sked with K6DBG Chris here in Palo Alto, CA on 7063. Chris recently upgraded to General and is using a KX1 into a low 44' doublet. Chris gave me a 599 and I gave him a 579.
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Friday, January 13, 2006 Zulu
ZL1BYZ (almost)
I realigned the K2 1.5KHz filter with Spectrogram under wine. It doesn't understand the second audio card (USB) so I had to run a patch cable, and there was 60 and 120Hz hum... but anyway, it's better now. I chased ZL1BYZ on 7013.60 with all 40W into the 400' loop and eventually got "QRZ WA5ZN?" and a couple of nice "SRI WEAK NO COPY HR." But he was pretty weak too, about 429. But noise was very low.
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Thursday, January 12, 2006 Zulu
K2 Filter
I changed CW FL1 on my K2 to 1.5KHz from the SSB wide filter. I used to listen on my R/390 with the 12KHz filter, but lately the noise has been getting to me so I decided to try CW tuning around at 1.5KHz instead of 2.5KHz and also use the CW filter. At least that's what I think it's doing...
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Sunday, January 08, 2006 Zulu
I went to the hadrware store to get a fiberglass pole to hold up my magloop but didn't find one that wasn't half aluminum. Once in the car I put on a short 40m Hamstick and tuned around. Lots of RTTY QRM, but down low on 40m I heard K6WX calling CQ. I answered Kristen and we had a short CW QSO. I wished her GUD DX and said 73, as we're about 5 miles apart across the SF Bay. When Kristen was saying 73, though, I managed to pull the power plug out of my KX1 and lost the frequency. Kristen was 599 but I didn't get a report for my 3W. It was around 0100Z.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 Zulu
40m seemed dead. Even the SW broadcast stations were dim. I heard a snatch of ZL1 down low on 40m, and then JM7OLW calling CQ USA CW on 7004.50 and answered around 6:48. Suke took a few tries to get my call but then wished me happy new year. He had no other takers. I gave him a 539 but got a "very weak" which is an improvement since that last time Suke gave me a 519. He was probably using his IC-7800. K2+K5OOR amplifier at 35W into a 400' loop.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006 Zulu
I got to check into CCN on 14.252.50 and work W4BUR who gave me a 559 at 0117Z with my K2 and K5OOR Amplifier at 35W into a 400' loop. Since it was SKN I used a straight key.
N5LK my dad also checked in right before me and NCS KI6PM could hear us both on 14.252.50. I could just barely hear something and make out the trace on the spectrum scope but my father couldn't hear me.

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I had SKN#4 with K0PFX at 0430Z on 7025.59KHz. Mel is in St Louis, MO and was using 500W into a 2EL Yagi (!). I was running the K2 with the K5OOR amp at 35W into a 400' loop.

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I heard AA6E Marty in Branford, CT in QSO with A5VA and waited for Marty to finish. Marty and I collaborated (loosely, hi hi) on the PSK Meter software for Linux so when I heard his signal I wanted to have a real QSO. Marty was tired from SKN but was gracious enough to answer my call and give me a 589. SKN #5. 21.009.80 2036Z. Marty was 579 here. I little later my father N5LK told me that he heard Marty on 20M but didn't catch him.
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I had SKN QSO #3 with Bud W7LNG in Medford, OR who was using a Varian? boatanchor. Bud asked if it was ok to call me Lee instead of Leigh, and I said I usually use it when the RST is low but we had a good signal. Then QSB set in a few minutes later. Elecraft K2, K5OOR Amp at 30W, 400' loop. 7.036.70
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I worked WF5W Don near Houston, TX on 14.034. Don was using an old J38. K2, K5OOR Amp@35w, 400' loop. Done gave me 579 and he was S9+20 here.
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I missed the UTC leap second by 45 seconds but I heard the rest of the 0000 minute.. I heard a station in MS on SSB on 17M but then he faded out so I switched to 20M and heard K4FVN calling CQ on 14.060.70 and we exchanged 559. Don is in St Pete, FL but then copy got ruff so we said 73. First SKN contact of 2006, using K2, K5OOR Amp at 35W and Ameco straight key.
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