Sunday, April 30, 2006 Zulu
I heard 17M was open but all I heard was ragchewing about amplifiers, not usually a good sign. I QSY'd to 15M and heard KH6ZM Max calling CQ on 21021.00. Max gave me a QRZ at 5W so I cranked up to POWER:10W and he gave me a RST:559. I gave max OMRST:579. Max was using an 3el Yagi and I was using my 400' loop up 15' and my K2. 1820Z.
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Friday, April 28, 2006 Zulu

I heard a little activity on 30m but the antenna doesn't work well there, so I went down to 40m and heard W6JL call CQ. Don was in Fallbrook, CA and running a homebrew "phasing" rig with a DDS VFO running at 0dbM on the RX frequency and with amplification at 450W. Needless to say, he had quite a strong signal, and told me about the DDS and the advantages of direct generation with the DDS. He said he drives his amp with a KX1 sometimes. Don gave me a RST:589 and says his RX design is 100 years old, but I think it is quite a bit updated with the Analog Semi 9854 DDS!

After we said 73 he had 2 other stations calling him on 7037.5.

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I activated the PARC XEACT truck at 2200z and made 2 contacts on battery power with the Kenwood TS-440S at 100w to the truck-mounted Cushcraft R5. It loaded up on 17m so I worked N4KZ Dave in OMFrankfort, KY and got a 5x6 on 18.161 SSB. Dave had moved down from 10 and 15m where he heard nothing. Dave was 5x7.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006 Zulu
E20WXA Chai in Bangkok was booming in S9+20 on 14.070 but then faded out.
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Monday, April 24, 2006 Zulu
First Buddipole QSO K7MQV
First buddipole qso, KX1 From PARC K7MQVv/7M who gave me a 339 though my signal seemed to come up a bit. 7039.59. Jim was using 70w into a screwdriver antenna from QTH nr Ellensburg, wa
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Sunday, April 23, 2006 Zulu
WD4HZ on 21.032.37 persevered and heard my 5W to the 400' loop from the K2 in the FQP. I gave 599 CA and he gave me SAR.
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I heard WK2G/4 calling CQ FQP on 21.038 and answered at 5W from my K2 to the 400' loop. I gave 599 CA. He gave county as PAS.
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Friday, April 21, 2006 Zulu
I heard NI7I/MM3 Lee call CQ on 10122.0 from aboard the President Truman sailing from Hong Kong to Seattle. His QTH was 44N 144E. Lee had a 599 with QSB but said my copy was rough and in the QRN. I ran 35W from my HFPacker amp to the 400' loop and my K2.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006 Zulu
I applied KX1 Alert 1 to my KX1, which involves putting more turns on the final transistor supply choke. I also did the KX1 Drive change because my power output was down low after the KXB3080 installation.
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I worked HR2/LU1DY Gustavo in San Pedro, Honduras on PSK31 35W at 225Z with me 35W K5OOR HFPacker Amp and K2 to the 400' loop. Gustavo gave me 579 but I had QSB and gave him 459 QSB.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006 Zulu
Radio Shack PowerUp with Anderson Power Poles

I got a Radio Shack PowerUp 12v/12ah car starter on close-out for $19.95. Chris K6DBG ordered a couple of PowerPole chassis mounts (HS-8) from PowerWerx and I fit mine into the case.

  1. First I removed the heavy, unfused battery clamps and set them aside, probably to re-use the wire for something else.
  2. Next, I used double spade lug connectors from West Marine to hook the plus and minus leads from the PowerPoles together and to the plus side of the battery breaker and the minus side of the battery and its charger (which I had to cut and crimp again).
  3. I routed the negative leads through the upper part of the handle area, to keep them away from the charger heat sink, but when I put it together, it still got a bit close.
  4. I covered all exposed + leads (battery, circuit breaker) with electrical tape, to protect them during reassembly. I also put a strip on the back of the charger circuit board as the negative wires ran a little close; something harder would be better.
  5. I cut a small amount of plastic from the thin vanes on the case so that the PowerPole chassis mount would fit. This unfortunately left some holes around the square area where the lighter hack was. I covered these with electrical tape for now.

Here is the connector I made, the inside without the connector, the installation location, and the finished view from the side:

Connector Inside Installation Finished


Next steps:

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I found an HP-33e calculator in box with manuals and charger being discarded. The batteries had corroded and broken a small tab on the battery door, and when I cleaned the corrosion off the battery tabs on the calculator, one of the broke off. The battery holder itself was in good shape, but it requires NiCd's without tips, so I used some copper flashing (also found discarded) to fashion an end spring. It works great! Here it is before I did the rework, running off an external AA pack.

HP 33e
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Saturday, April 08, 2006 Zulu
I heard K7TQ Randy in the QRP ARCI contest on 14.061.62. Randy gave me 559 ID NR 8336. I responded 559 CA NR 12046 at 5W into my 400' loop from the K2. 2032Z.
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My QRP ARCI number is 12046
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Top Hat for Pac-12

Following W0RW Paul's directions, I made a top-hat for my PAC-12 short vertical out of landscaping flags ($0.48 for 4) and a UGG-177 (SO-239 backend shield). I used Anderson PowerPole connectors to make it disassemble and stow easily. I haven't tried it on the air yet, of figured out how to attach it securely to the PAC-12. Paul used a set-screw or a thumb screw in his succesful designs.

in the bag parts assembled
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Sunday, April 02, 2006 Zulu
I was trying to get DL5MEV in Bavaria, but he was runnign 600W and didn't hear me. I went down to 18.157 Max IW0GXY gave me a 5x3 from Rome on 18.157 with my 35W to the loop. The loop has come down a bit at the feedpoint...
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