Saturday, September 30, 2006 Zulu
I just worked Paul W0RW/pm in Garden of the Gods, CO who gave me 559 from his KX1. I was running my KX1 at 2W into a hamstick on top of the car, parked at the Winterlodge Skating Rink in Palo Alto. I gave Paul 539. There was some QRN from nearby machinery. 1709z.
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Saturday, September 23, 2006 Zulu
I worked NX5M on 14.037.50 at 1820Z to get 599 BALL. eqsl


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I tried N5CHA in the Texas QSO Party with 5W to my loop from the K2, but QS set in just as I answered and it took the OM a long time to get my QTH. He sent 599 DALS.
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Sunday, September 17, 2006 Zulu
14MHz was dead so I tuned down to 30m and heard a CQ on 10.105.6, and it was UA0ZC. Val in Kamchatka gave me a 449 with 10W and I returned 559.
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This afternoon while I was working on some antenna wiring I heard K9SS on 7.039 calling CQ with no takers. I answered at about 13WPM and Len gave me a 579 and told me he was looking for QCWA contacts. I told him I'd been licensed for 37 years but no QCWA. He said "OK Old timer!"
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Sunday, September 03, 2006 Zulu
Around 1910Z I turned on the KX1 and hooked it up to my big loop at home. The best match on 20M was 2:1 through the 4:1 balun and 30M was quiet so I listened on 40m and heard K7FD John call CQ on 7.031.72. John was in Seal Rock, OR, and running an IC-756 PRO 2 to a half-wave slower up 50ft. He said it was overcast and cool, and he was having a lazy holiday working on putting a new mobile rig into his Honda Accord. Next step was adding the trunk lip antenna mount. John said he owns a KX1 and his wife Annette N7SG has a K1.
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Saturday, September 02, 2006 Zulu

20M was open around 0500. I heard a special event station in Japan for the world rally, JM7OLW strong as always, and worked RU0LX/mm Viktor (EPC#196) again in the Bering Sea (GL AP11ae) on 14.071. Viktor was running 80w into a vertical from a Kenwood and said seas were calm and it was 11C. Viktor gave me a 579 to me 25W from the K2 to the loop.

Shortly afterwards K6ACJ Bill fron Huntington Beach, CA called me and he worked some Asiatic Russian DX OM wou couldn't hear me.

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Around 0130Z I set up at the school with the Buddipole on the asphalt and worked K9KLR Nick in Indiana. Nick was 599 with QSB but gave me 449} with QSB. I was running the KX1 at 2.5W and the Buddipole as a vertical. Unfortunately, he lost my signal.

Probably I should have had it on the grass.

A strange thin happened during the QSO that I only just remembered; just before the last exchange, when Nick finished I sent "R R R" and he interrupted me in the middle with "R R R". I paused, heard nothing, and sent "R R R" again, and he interrupted me again. I wasn't sure what was going on and waited a bit more, sent "BK" and continued, and then afterwards Nick signed, saying I had faded out, but called me "Lee" which I had sent during the last. Perhaps it was Long Delayed Echoes?

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