Sunday, November 19, 2006 Zulu
QRV Amsterdam Sunday

It was a bit colder today and there was some rain, but I had a sked to meet PE1E Peter again at 1200J/1100Z in Museumplein, in Amsterdam. Peter was a bit late due to bicycle trailer trouble on the way, and as his trailier had his K2, HLA-300 amplifier, MFJ tuner, and assorted gel cells large and small, sandwiches, and coffee, it was important!

While waiting for Peter I set up with my KX1 and Buddipole at a park bench a safe distance away from the US embassy and its guard house and vertical antennas. While I was setting up, another ham PA3DMI stopped by and we chatted a bit; the OM told me that 20m was open and that CW was active.

My first contact was IK2RMZ Martin in Barza, Italy at about 1140Z on 14.048. Although he was calling "CQ EU TEST," Martin was happy to ragchew for a few minutes, and we also exchanged FISTS numbers. Martin gave me a 449. He was running 75W to a 2-el Yagi, and wished me a pleasant stay in Holland.

Next I worked RN4WA for "599 30" and sent "599 27" at 1155Z on 14.034.

At this point I was approached by a Finnish national TV crew who were filming a short segment on Amsterdam, and they asked me a few questions, and shot some scenes of me using my KX1 and Buddipole, plus a few shots of the equipment.

As they were walking away, I heard W1MK and got a PA/WA5? out of him and then SRI. And simultaneously, Peter arrived with his newly-repaired trailer full of equipment, so after the busted QSO with W1MK we started to set up Peter's K2 and QRO gear.

While Peter unpacked, I worked YU1AAV Zoki on 14.005 at 1219Z for my last contact on the KX1.

With Peter's K2 and my Buddipole, we worked SSB, starting on 15m and moving down to 17m. We had no QSOs until get hit 20m:

In addition to the Finnish national TV crew, we were also visited by a few curious onlookers:

Peter and I parted ways and hope to meet again, either in person or on the air. And I think he's going to order a Buddipole.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006 Zulu
QRV Amsterdam

This morning I walked along the canals to Rembrandt's house, which is now a museum, and bought some etchings printed at the museum from first-generation copies of Rembrandt's original copper etching masters. Afterwards, I stopped at the cafe In De Waag for an espresso (which was great) and a salad (which never arrived); disappointed but running out of time, I headed over to Manekinpis for vlammes frites instead.

I had arranged to meet Peter PE1E at Museumplein at 1500J for outdoor operating. I took the tram and met Peter, who was already set up, and waiting for me to arrive with my Buddipole. I brought my KX1 and Peter his K2, but unfortunately I forgot my KX1 key, having left it in the Pelican case I used for travelling. But Peter was well-prepared for SSB, with his K2, an HLA 300W amplifier, a variety of SLA batteries, and an MFJ tuner.

The MFJ tuner was a little balky until we moved the Buddipole further away; later we noticed the DVM on the battery went up to 15V when we keyed down, so it must have been RF feedback.

Peter and I each made a few contacts in the "LZ contest" where our part of the exchange was RST and ITU Zone, which a kindly OM told us was 27. We made a few contacts on 20M SSB with the Buddipole as an L, and then moved to 40M dipole.

We warmed ourselves with coffee and chocolate that Peter had kindly brought, and talked to a few passers-by, including PD3AD, who was looking forward to an upgrade to get HF privileges, having had some experience with multi contesting at his local club.

Just about everybody had trouble with my call PA/WA5ZNU/P except for the last contact, who got it on the first call.

After this point we both got too tired and cold, and agreed to meet again tomorrow at 1200J/1100Z. And I promised to bring my key.

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Friday, November 17, 2006 Zulu
Photos from Amsterdam

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Thursday, November 16, 2006 Zulu
I just worked PE1E Peter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (JO33) on 145.6375 MHz via the PI3ASD repeater, which is 500mW. Peter is a K2 owner and he and I plan to be QRV from Museumplein on Saturday at 1500J with K2, KX1, and BuddiPole. No pictures yet but I hope to post some afterwards.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006 Zulu
I parked at the SF Baylands in Palo Alto, and used my 17m Hamstick on the car, and the K2 at 10W. I worked JH1OCC Yuu on QRGh18.153 for a MYRST:5x2. I sent TXTST:5x7. Yuu is near Tokyo and we spoke in Japanese briefly as well. 2140Z

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Saturday, November 11, 2006 Zulu
Also at the Baylands parked wih my K2 I worked DS5USH CW and sent 59 on 18.079 for a MYRST:589, running 7w. Nam will QSL via bureau. QTH near Daegud. 2255Z


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I parked at the SF Baylands in Palo Alto, and used my 17m Hamstick on the car, and the K2 at 10W. I worked JH1OCC Yuu on 18.153 for a 5x2. I sent 5x7. Yuu is near Tokyo and we spoke in Japanese briefly as well. 2240Z


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Friday, November 10, 2006 Zulu
I checked the propagation chart and it looked like 18-20MHz was good for QRA:EM44 so I set up a sked with N5LK on 18.075 heard him at 1610z, weak but solidly over the noise. He copied me at 10W but was better at 30W. Beam heading 255-180=75.
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I finally got to work my father N5LK. It turns out we weren't on the same frequency before but a tap of the BAND button on the K1 gave a full readout and we got that straightened out. 0440Z on 7.050 and 0445Z on 10.110Mhz. On 40m there was QSB and he was up to S9, and gave me a 559. On 30M he said there was no QSB, but his signal was extremely weak (539) though the band was quiet. I had to turn the AF gain way up to hear it. 35W on 40M and 40W on 30M.


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Thursday, November 09, 2006 Zulu
2006 ARRL Field Day Results WA5ZNU
paloaltoonline.com photo paloaltoonline.com photo

2006 Field Day results (ARRL members only) are in and here's how I fared:

Unfortunately my soapbox entry with photos on the ARRL site was lost, but here are my weblog entries and press coverage.


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Monday, November 06, 2006 Zulu
Photo 1298Photo 1297
Antenna location from back of house.
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Sunday, November 05, 2006 Zulu
Trustee for WB5DKL 12-22-70 "Skill Center Amateur Radio Club"
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Advanced WA5UBQ 01-18-69
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N5LK EXtra 4-12-71
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N5LK General mis-typed WA5UBA 7-12-68.
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N5LK Novice License 01-19-68 WN5UBQ
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N5LK license plate.
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Me at age 7.
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Mostly I avoided Sweepstakes because of visiting with relatives but tonight after dinner at Nyla's Cafe we turned the K1 on to 40m and it was still in full swing. When I heard K1ZZ OMRST:599 on 7021.1 I couldn't resist so gave a call. Dave answered me on the first call with 447 B K1ZZ 62 CT to my 001 Q 69 MS, though he did need a fill on the 001, hihi. POWER:7W to the 69ft OCF doublet up 25' running North/South.
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Saturday, November 04, 2006 Zulu
Photo 1255Photo 1254Photo 1253
N5LK's antenna
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QRV here with N5LK and x-WN5UOE in Mississippi. It took most of the day to get the antenna up but we did. We used a 28ft Jackite pole, tennis ball with pennies, and lots of fishing line, string, and antenna rope to get the two ends over the lowest pine tree limbs. The North end is at 30ft and the south end at 25ft, using wire from the Wireman, and the center probably around 22ft, then to 450 ohm window line about 35ft to a homebrew K5OOR balun to the K1.

I worked NI6T in on Los Gatos, CA on 40m and he copied me fine, and he was 599. I then used Skype to listen to my K2 remotely and could hear the K1 signal 579 at home, and about the same for the K2 at 10 watts, controlled remotely by some rig control software I wrote. I even had a brief QSO with N5LK via my remote control software to my K2 and his K.1

Tomorrow we will try to do some DF to find the source of a periodic click-scratch noise that has been repeating every minute or so for months. My father cut all the power to his house and it was still there.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006 Zulu
I worked RZ0AF on 10107 with 35W CW into my SteppIR pointed East/West. I.e., pretty much 90 degrees the wrong way. There was a strong echo on the signal. I got (and sent) 599. 0142Z
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