Sunday, April 27, 2008 Zulu
15m was open a little so I listened and hear PY4SZ Sergio in Brazil who gave me a 559 and I returned 579 on 21.024 CW. He heard me at 50W but needed repeats so I went up to 100W, SteppIR 3el, K3.
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I took a break from microwave experiments and worked HK3/IZ0GYP on 7.001 CW with 50W but it took 100W to complete the 599599 exchange.


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Zulu
I heard TI8/DL4MO calling CQ on 10.105 and got 599 and sent 559. Lothar didn't hear me at 5, 10, or 35W so I went to 85W to the SteppIR 30m dipole from my K3.


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Saturday, April 12, 2008 Zulu
Hughes HeNe Laser, 1mW

At the flea market I went in search of some 10GHz equipment, but wound up buying a Hughes HeNe laser for $5. It wasn't working but the OM thought it could be repaired easily.

The toughest part was getting it apart. The hex screws weren't quite the size I had but I managed to get them out. I used a pair of C clamps to hold onto the chassis top shell and compress it so it would slide off. Then I discovered that the key switch and remote plug had been jumpered (the OM had told me there was no longer a key) but the wire had broken off at the board. The board was riveted in place, and wasn't plated through, so I had to solder as best I could.

There's a 75K Ohm resistor that has gotten quite hot and darkened the board. I'll probably replace that with a metal film resistor at some point. The insulated HV line runs right above it so it may be a little trouble to raise off the board.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008 Zulu
I heard A35RK in Tonga Paul who gave me a 5x7 and I sent 5x9. I ran 100W from my K3 and SteppIR 3el on 14.185.


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