Thursday, May 15, 2008 Zulu
I turned on the K3 and heard a watery DX signal on 10.106. The QSO ended and G4RCG called QRZ. John heard me the first time but it took a few calls at 75W to the 550' loop to get the call in and receive 439 but things picked up after that and John mentioned our previous QSO on 20M, which was with the same antenna but about half the power. Still 30M DX late at night to England is pretty fun! I sent 559 and we were on our way.


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Sunday, May 04, 2008 Zulu

I got a some 10Ghz X-band motion detectors, an HP X532A X-Band Wavemeter, and an X421A mounted IN26 detector. I made a conical horn from W1GHZ's book out of aluminum foil and taped it on the detector. Approaching slowly I found the maxiumum output was in the 1mv range from the detector diode, so I felt it was safe to couple it directly to the waveguide.

Directly coupled, I get about 4mV max which would be 0.04mW (-14dBm) detected output from the Gunn oscillator my my X421A detector (IN26 plus matched resistor internal) is to be believed. There was a dip just below 10.55GHz.

With the X421A wavemeter in line I switched to measuring diode current as it seemed to have a better dip. 0.22mA and a good dip to 0.20mA from 10.538-10.5425 GHz. That's probably too many digits, but I can guess it's somewhere around 10.54Ghz.

So, I need to move it down into the ham band and either adjust the matching screw on the existing horn or get new antennas.

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