Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Zulu
twitter QST
I've been using twitter with fldigi scripts, using a small python program called twiqster:

import twitter
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from lxml import etree
import os
import sys
import gtk

def twiq(text):
    config = etree.parse(os.path.expanduser("~/.twiqster.xml")).getroot()
    assert config.tag == "twiqster"
    api = twitter.Api(username=CALLSIGN, password=PASSWORD)
    return api.PostUpdate(text)

def showMessage(message):

Here's the .twiqster.xml file format:
  <callsign>YOUR CALL OR TWITTER ID HERE</callsign>
  <password>YOUR PASSWORD HERE</password>
Then I use this fldigi script called fldigi-twiqster:
twiqster "In #QSO with $FLDIGI_LOG_CALL ($FLDIGI_LOG_NAME) \
  (`distance $FLDIGI_LOG_LOCATOR` mi from $FLDIGI_MY_LOCATOR): \
and invoke it with this fldigi macro:
The "distance" program comes from bearing and distance, also in Python.
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Thursday, October 09, 2008 Zulu
We hiked to the Almaden Quicksilver Mine County Park and I brought my KX1 and Buddipole parts. I forgot the DC barrel connector for my LiPo battery pack and forgot a pole for the Buddipole, so I had to use 1.5W to a wire in a tree. K0MLF/7 Don near Zion, Utah and I had a nice CW QSO on 7.035. Don said he knows the San Jose area, and that it was 90F where he was. I took a picture of my KX1 as I was packing it up; I didn't use it with the ground radial coiled up... I'm hoping to get the new shock-corded mast from the Buddipole folks of they have them at Pacificon.

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I worked RZ9UF, , Victor, in 652100, Kemer. obl., pos. Yaya (Яя) (no36ff) with PSK31 on 14.071295 and got 599 and sent 479. At the end the band faded and it was lost in the noise

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Zulu
I answered PSK31 on 14070.835 IK2UU Walter Cesare in Siziano, Italy JN45oh. He gave me 599 for my K3 at 30W to the SteppIR 3el up 12m and I sent 599. Walter Cesare is looking for a few states to complete WAS, but California isn't one of them, and he asks for LOTW confirmation.

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20M PSK31 was hot this morning to EU and I heard Greece, Germany, Poland, and maybe even Israel. I answered a few but the first I got was ON8WW Dave in Beerse, Belgium JO21KH. Dave gave me 599 for my K3 at 30W to the SteppIR 3el up 12m and I sent 579 QSB.

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