Monday, January 26, 2009 Zulu
6W/DL2RMC (Senegal)
I heard 6W/DL2RMC on 14.027 and spent a lazy 20 minutes calling at 120W on my K3 and SteppIr. Africa is difficult from here, so I appreciate the OM operating from Senegal. QSL via DL1RTL.


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Thursday, January 15, 2009 Zulu
EMU 0202 USB sound device

I bought an EMU-0202 sound device from Sweetwater. (Actually I got their demo model for $10 off.) The Sweetwater folks have been very attentive, and asked what my plans were. I told them Linux and amateur radio, and they didn't bat an eye, though their main business is of course music. They said they'd report my interest in Linux support to the manufacturer. Hopefully that will result in some official support for the ALSA developers on the project from EMU.

Briefly, I found that in Ubuntu 8.10, 48Khz stereo input works with certain bit formats, and 48Khz output as well. 96Khz is recognized, but just produces a bunch of aliases. 192Khz causes segfaults in the application. Also, the device can't be plugged in during boot as it causes a hang very early on.

Patrick W9PDS reports that he's had better luck using raw ALSA builds as described here, but it's a dicey non-packaged installation.

Update: 44.1Khz works; 48Khz does not. The Creative Drivers page claims that it now defaults to 44.1Khz even after a power reset. Maybe the OSS Mac drivers will help.

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Monday, January 12, 2009 Zulu
K3/K2 and Rotor Python Rig Control (with SteppIR on the way)

I've been using this Elecraft K3/K2 rig control program in Python for a few years, adding bits as I needed them. It's both a set of command line utilities and a small library. Also included is a rotor control package for the Idiom Press controller. A SteppIR command library is in the works (being re-coded from C).

I've recently packaged it up into a release; it may have some issues, but I decided to go ahead and release it anyway.

Next up: Web libraries, a REST based interface, and integration into QUISC (which I was on the verge of writing when I found someone else had already done it).

By the way, don't forget hamlib if you're doing C programming. This is a convenience package for me to experiment with Python control.

Update: now a Python module Download


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