Friday, June 19, 2009 Zulu
Jackson Harbor Press LF receiver
Jackson Harbor LF Converter in qrpkits.com case
I built a Jackson Harbor Press LF receiver kit and had some fun with NDBs, DGPS, WWVB, and other assorted LF noises. Read More.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Zulu
12,877 new hams in the last year
K3UD reports on QRZ.com that the totoal number of US amateur radio operators increased by nearly 13,000 from June 15, 2008 to June 16, 2009. javascript:void(0)
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Zulu
SP2FAP/FF (World Flora-Faura Greendays)
I heard SP2FAP calling CQ as SP2FAP/FF on 14.040. The suffix seems to be related to "World Flora-Fauna GreenDays" and since SP2FAP was sending "SPF-025" I think that means he's in Park Krajobrazowy Wysoczyzny ElblÄ…skiej which seems to be quite a pretty picture. I was running 5W to the SteppIR from my K3. OM was 599 with some flutter, but had no trouble hearing me when I timed the pile-up right, and I got a 599 and a FB QRP, as I said I was QRP after he answered. (There wasn't much of a pile-up and it seemed like a fun event.)


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Zulu
EMU-0202 now works at 96KHz on Linux

I bought my EMU-0202 at the beginning of 2009, but it only worked at 44.1KHz. Now we've got it working at up to 96Khz in Linux, with an Alsa change forthcoming.

Here's the story: Shortly thereafter Creative released Mac USB drivers and I spent some time looking at the source and saw there were two ways to set the sampling rate: a "direct" method and a "clock" method. The "Extension Unit" code confused me, and I never got around to mapping between the Mac USB and the Linux USB stacks.

But just recently "mellowman" described a patch to get 48Khz sampling working. Over at UbuntuForums "v.stiff" reported success, and I then figured out the quirk to extend it to the full range. CannibalZerg either took my patch or figured it out alone, and we've all tested it and it works!

So I have got the EMU-0202 working at up to 96KHz on Linux. Others report the 192Khz sampling working on the EMU-0404, but the 0202 says you have to disable the input monitor before doing that, and it's not clear to me that that's working yet.

Why's this useful? Well, it lets me use my Quisk K3 LPPan package to see 96Khz of the band instead of 44KHz, a major improvement.

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