Monday, September 28, 2009 Zulu
Difference Engine 1
Difference Engine 1
A copy of the portion of Babbage's first Difference Engine that was built. This one is under glass, and was made by IBM in the 1970's.
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Babbage's Difference Engine
Difference Engine 2
Babbage's 2nd Difference Engine, built in London in modern times and on display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. You can see them operate this one daily.
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Friday, September 25, 2009 Zulu
Europe Beam Pattern

Today in celebration of sunspots I pointed my beam at 30 degrees (Europe) and left fldigi and PSK Reporter running. When I got home I saw signals throughout Europe and Asia and the US, but a particularly strong line through Europe. Sure enough the line is at 30 degrees. I know the SteppIR pattern isn't that tight, but what a coincidence!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009 Zulu
QRPacificon October 9/10 2009 in Milpitas
Pacificon is likely not to be with us next month, but the Norcal QRP is having an activity in Milpitas, and HFPack group will also be participating. The event will take a recess for the ASVARO Flea Market on the Saturday 10th in the morning and resume in the afternoon. For more information, read below or visit
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Subject: [QRP-L] QRPacificon 2009 additional details
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 15:44:36 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: James Bennett
QRPacificon 2009 will be held October 9 and 10th this year in Milpitas at the Crowne Plaza Hotel:
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Hotel Front Desk: 1-408-3219500  | Hotel Fax: 1-408-3219599

The hotel is located in Milpitas just a short distance from the San Jose Airport has a complimentary airport shuttle.
Free parking for guests and attendees of QRPacificon 2009.

Hotel booking link for QRPacificon 2009 rate of $65 per night :


 If you do not wish to book online, please call 888-233-9527 to make reservations and ask
for the Norcal QRPacificon 2009 rate of $65

QRPacificon 2009 Events schedule
Silicon Valley surplus store tour Friday afternoon

No host dinner Friday evening at 5:30 (location to be announced)

Meet and greet in the hotel ballroom along with vendors and swapmeet  ~7-11PM

Saturday morning is the De Anza College Electronics Fleamarket:   http://www.electronicsfleamarket.com/
Folks often arrive with flashlights before daylight to get the best bargans.  The location in Cupertino is about a 20 minute drive from the hotel.

We will start presentations at 10:30 and will have a great lineup of speakers. Presentations will run through the day

Lunch will be 12:30 to 2PM with presentations following until 5PM

Saturday evening is dinner on your own 5-7PM

At 7 we will regroup in the ballroom for an auction.  Due to time constraints, we will limit it to one item per
seller.  So bring something surplus to you that needs a new home.

We will also have door prizes and lots of fun so come out and join us for QRPacificon 2009.

Doug, James and the Norcal QRP Club

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