Monday, January 12, 2009 Zulu
K3/K2 and Rotor Python Rig Control (with SteppIR on the way)

I've been using this Elecraft K3/K2 rig control program in Python for a few years, adding bits as I needed them. It's both a set of command line utilities and a small library. Also included is a rotor control package for the Idiom Press controller. A SteppIR command library is in the works (being re-coded from C).

I've recently packaged it up into a release; it may have some issues, but I decided to go ahead and release it anyway.

Next up: Web libraries, a REST based interface, and integration into QUISC (which I was on the verge of writing when I found someone else had already done it).

By the way, don't forget hamlib if you're doing C programming. This is a convenience package for me to experiment with Python control.

Update: now a Python module Download


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Zulu
Bandplans program
I took data from Bandplans.com for 80m and massaged it a bit to produce a band map for 80m. Then I wrote a 10-line Python program to take any frequency and print out the list of modes in use on that frequency. See demo and source.


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